Robert Thikoll Is An Expert At Setting Lean Objectives

Robert Thikoll joined Ingersoll Rand in 2014. He is currently the Vice President of Operational Excellence. Robert specializes in lean management objectives and applying those policies to the overall vision of the company. He works very closely with other senior leaders and presidents within the Ingersoll Rand. Thikoll is directly responsible for making sure that his team is in line with the overall vision of the company’s policies.

Robert Thikoll had a successful tenure at Danaher. He was an award-winning executive at the company from 2000 to 2015. Before Danaher Thikoll spent eight years at the Aisin Takaoka company where he learned the basics of lean management objectives.

Robin Thikoll is committed to the power of scheduling. He believes that a successful executive should plan their day around personal habits. He schedules most of his strenuous activities at the beginning of the day because this is when he has the most energy. During the afternoon he is able to focus more on mentoring and developing personal relationships with his team members. Robert likes to save administrative work for later in the day. This is after personal meetings and other agendas have been set in place.

Robert Thikoll is a firm believer in teamwork. It takes a collective effort to overcome all of the problems that go with running an organization. Human interaction is the most important element of this process. Robert allows members of his team to feel important by listening to their opinions and comments about the overall mission.

Thikoll is not intimidated by obstacles. He knows that complicated problems will arise when a leader is trying to push a company forward. Strategy, planning and action will alleviate the fear that goes with facing a barrier that has never been conquered before.

Robert Thikoll majored in both Political Science and Asian studies at Arizona State University.