Hussain Sajwani Says There Is More Room For Deals With The Trump Organization

Dubai, the capital of the UAE provides one of the world’s most breathtaking scenes for big cities, and it’s where you’ll find opulent hotels owned by DAMAC Properties and its Chairman Hussain Sajwani. Not only does Sajwani build luxury properties for both commercial and residential buyers, he is also a longtime partner and friend of President Trump and his family. Sajwani has had several expensive hotel apartments plus the Tiger Woods golf course in Dubai built as part of the Trump organization, and he’s talked about personal visits to Trump Tower and how his children are also good friends with the Trumps. Some in the media have talked about what Trump now being President of the Unite States will mean as far as business conflicts of interest, but Sajwani says more deals can be done especially as Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump start managing the company.


Hussain Sajwani has been a business executive for over 30 years and has invested in thousands of properties and is the head of a major private equity firm. He got his bachelor’s degree in the US at the University of Washington and then worked in the oil harvest industry as a Contracts Manager for ADNOC’s GASCO. He decided to go into hospitality first as a catering business supplier, and his catering company later merged with DAMAC. But he built up quite a client base that included military camps, universities, established luxury hotels and other government agencies, and the catering business expanded internationally.


DAMAC Properties was formed in 2002 and the hotels and housing its constructed has included some of the world’s most famous designs in Versace, Bugatti and Cavalli and also added additional services through the DAMAC Maison company. Sajwani also bought a tile manufacturing company known as Anwar Ceramic Tiles that’s one of the UAE’s two biggest tile flooring companies. Most of Sajwani’s holdings are managed at his private equity firm DICO Investments. The investments at this company include global derivatives, emerging markets and private equity funds. The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropist who supports humanitarian groups such as AED which provides basic services to Middle East refugees.


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