Does Nurtrisystem for Men Work?


With their busy lifestyle most men don’t have time to devote hours to exercising or working out to lose weight. They don’t want a diet that they have to measure portions and weight foods. A strict diet without flexibility does not fit into their daily life.


According to PureHealthyLiving, Nutrisystem is a diet plan that gives men an easy way to lose weight. It is convenient and cost effective. This diet is designed for men because Nutrisystem invested money into studying how men and women lose weight. They offer a large variety of food to eat and the calories consumed daily are 1,500.


For breakfast some of the choice are bagels, strawberry cheese crepes, turkey sausage & egg muffin or pancakes. The lunch menu has hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, red beans and rice, pulled pork, and three cheese chicken.


The dinners choices for Nutrisystem offer a variety of tasty meals. They have roasted turkey medallions, pizza, chicken parmesan, chili with beans, beef stew, and lasagna. Don’t forget about snack foods. They have popcorn, cookies, brownies, pretzels and ice cream sandwiches.


The variety of foods will keep dieters interested in eating. With the variety of delicious foods men will look forward to every meal. Nutrisystem has a special plan to help men lose weight faster it is called the Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men.


The reason their diet system works is because their meal plan provides balanced nutrition to the body. Their food are high in fiber and protein. Your appetite is controlled because you eat every 2 to 3 hours. They encourage you to include fresh fruits and vegetables daily with their handy guide.


Their portion sizes are accurate and men don’t have to measure or weigh anything. Men lose weight differently than women due to testosterone. It provides muscle development and helps to burn fat more easily. NurtiSystem is designed to help men lose weight effectively.

Brazillian Cardiologist and Businessman, Jorge Neval Moll Filho.

Jorge Moll is one of Brazil’s most innovative men who has been involved in transforming the healthcare sector.

He recommends using technology to administer therapies in hospitals. Combination of technology and medicine will propel research hence quality healthcare. Medical Colleges will use this wisdom and train students efficiently.

The application of technology will ensure that people get used to it when they are treated in hospitals. A doctor from the USA, Albert Chan came to Brazil endorsing medical technology during research and coming up with drugs that treat various ailments.

Jorge Moll kicked off his career as a neurologist and then went into examination business that would add value to actively licensed doctors in the country. Complementary exams were done by the doctors and were then given a qualification certificate.

With healthcare provision on the decline after the 1980’s, he decided to broaden his business and form a chain of private hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. Many health institutions in the city meant that people could enjoy fast and exemplary services ( The bad public services were now replaced with the best private facilities for the people of Rio.

He explained how he started with debts but he kept going and balancing his finances. The bad economy in the country added hurdles for the company with high rates of taxes. People canceled the medical plans that they had for cheap, low-quality ones (IDOR). He then invented a new cover, Total Health Management Model which maximized patient’s insurance premiums without wastage. His initiative helped insurance companies understand the illnesses that clients had from simple ones to the complex diseases.

Directors of hospitals, according to Jorge, are the people who bring in the quality aspect of healthcare facilities by setting goals for the workers. All departments; outpatient, ER, theaters, and wards need to be controlled with efficacy.

Regarding businesses, citizens need to be encouraged on investing. It will make the country rich and employment opportunities will be available.

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