Fabletics Empowers Women and Wows The Crowd

Wouldn’t it be nice if each month someone decided new outfits for you? That’s one of the many premises of Fabletics. They’re an online subscription-based service where you can sign up, browse thousands of athleisure-wear styles, and purchase outfits that appeal to you! You can either shop freely or you can sign up to receive big discounts and information on the latest styles. If you sign up, you can choose from outfits geared at you each month. If none interest you, simply pass for the month!


Fabletics used to run predominantly online but recently they’ve been opening up more physical locations. It’s because their popularity is growing and many people have questions on what exactly Fabletics offers. The brick-and-mortar locations have a professional staff that can answer questions about sizing, styles, and how ordering online works. People can also look to online reviews. Many people are raving about Fabletics on review sites and social media. A quick search of Fabletics reviews will bring up thousands of positive hits.


According to the Huffington Post, Fabletics is using these reviews to their power. People put a lot of stake into what other people say about a product. That’s because they trust their peers and see that they have no reason to lie to them. Therefore, they turn to social media to see peoples pictures, reviews, and advice about a product. This is called the power of the crowd. People tend to support what the masses support.


Fabletics has seen a tremendous growth since launching in 2013. A large part of it is thanks to Kate Hudson and her team. Hudson has come a long way from a successful actress to an amazing businesswoman. According to Forbes, Fabletics knew they wanted Kate Hudson from the very beginning and it’s easy to see why. She appeals to customers, she’s got a great personality, and she puts her heart and soul into things. Ever since joining the team, Hudson has been rocking Fabletics clothing. She’s been showing everyone what it’s all about.


Hudson has also been very empowering to women all over the world through Fabletics. That’s because Fabletics is clothing that’s designed for any type of women. Fabletics makes clothes for women who are XXS all the way up to 3X. This brand of athleisure-wear is made for women who want to hit the gym, take a glass, or simply lounge around. The great part is that anyone can enjoy it. Fabletics makes yoga pants, shirts, sports bras and more. They all come together to create the perfect outfit that looks great and is supportive in any way.


Overall, Fabletics is changing the way that people buy athleisure-wear. No longer do they have to hit the gym, run errands, and head out in sweatpants and t-shirts. Fabletics makes cute outfits that you can wear for all three! The best part is that you can create your own or Fabletics can design ones for you if you take the Lifestyle Quiz that they have available.