Stream Energy: A Highly-Rated Energy Provider Among Texans

Initially located in Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, Stream Energy has been in the business of providing wireless services, energy, and protection since 2004. Nowadays, Stream is located in Addison, Dallas, at the Tollway Center.


The company relies on multi-level marketing (MLM) to generate sales (Renewable Energy World). In this regard, there was initially a division called Ignite, whose main purpose was MLM, but this division was swallowed up by the main company. Stream Energy provides most of its services around the entire country but only a few of the states receive energy services including Georgia, New Jersey, and New York among others.


The top executive of Stream Energy is Larry Mondry, who was formerly the CEO of CompUSA. Using MLM, the company has grown to become a global leader in the energy market. However, some investors with the company have raised fears that they might be involved in a pyramid scheme given that the marketing techniques the company uses clearly resemble those of known pyramid schemes.


Despite these allegations, recent reports from Market Strategies International indicate that Stream Energy enjoys great popularity among Texans as one of the most trusted companies among those that provide electricity (ReleaseFact). In particular, Stream Energy got a high rating as one of the ten topmost companies selling retail electricity.


According to the survey, there were 5,881 customers who participated in scoring 52 REPs, which had nine key indicators. The research found that customer trust is greatly influenced by activities that focus on the customer and the community.


Even following the said survey, Stream Energy has not stopped being a darling to the masses as the company indicated that in support of Hurricane Harvey victims, it would grant the American Red Cross a $25,000 donation. Its announcement of a bill waiver for late payment during that period was also a relief to wireless and energy clients.


Stream Energy also showed solidarity with the community by waiving calling fees when Hurricane Irma struck. The waiver would only benefit callers from the US who were trying to reach their friends and families from other countries that had been affected by the storm.

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