Joel Friant’s Successes With the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant has many interests, as a successful person and as a busy professional. These interest include entrepreneurship, free-market production, home based business and success training. His passion is all about helping others to be better people in life and in their business endeavors. His story begins with a short stay in the real estate business where he remodels homes. This leads him to enter the restaurant business where he creates the first fast-food Thai concept. This led to him taking on the mantle of “The Thai Guy”.

Naturally learning all that he can about all that he can do, he comes across an idea to make the habanero chili pepper a major force in the condiment market. To this end, he creates the Habanero Shaker. Fortunately, countless people agree with his tastes and his shaker becomes a major product in the largest grocery store chains in Washington state. At the same time as creating the Habanero Shaker legacy, he engages in real estate foreclosures, which includes buying rehabbing and selling homes. This is commonly known as house flipping and it is quite lucrative, to say the least. Of course all the while doing this, he maintains a position of top salesman for the offices he works within.

But, he’s also a man who cares, and after seeing the fallout from the financial crisis of 2008 he studies ways to make people more successful in life. Joel Friant learns what is the difference between those who win in those who fail. He comes up with the income thermostat which draws on the teachings of Maxwell Maltz and Wallace Wattles. This leads him to take an interest in online sales where he learns all he can about selling on the platforms eBay and Amazon. He takes these lessons and applies them to his already successful Habanero Shaker.

And from there, he takes an interest in cryptocurrencies, which many people can tell you is like the next big thing since indoor plumbing. All the success in these events lead up to Joel’s training of others in the concept of financial success in cryptocurrencies. He marries these concepts and uses his successful Habanero Shaker as a model to show others a way to success.

Brazillian Cardiologist and Businessman, Jorge Neval Moll Filho.

Jorge Moll is one of Brazil’s most innovative men who has been involved in transforming the healthcare sector.

He recommends using technology to administer therapies in hospitals. Combination of technology and medicine will propel research hence quality healthcare. Medical Colleges will use this wisdom and train students efficiently.

The application of technology will ensure that people get used to it when they are treated in hospitals. A doctor from the USA, Albert Chan came to Brazil endorsing medical technology during research and coming up with drugs that treat various ailments.

Jorge Moll kicked off his career as a neurologist and then went into examination business that would add value to actively licensed doctors in the country. Complementary exams were done by the doctors and were then given a qualification certificate.

With healthcare provision on the decline after the 1980’s, he decided to broaden his business and form a chain of private hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. Many health institutions in the city meant that people could enjoy fast and exemplary services ( The bad public services were now replaced with the best private facilities for the people of Rio.

He explained how he started with debts but he kept going and balancing his finances. The bad economy in the country added hurdles for the company with high rates of taxes. People canceled the medical plans that they had for cheap, low-quality ones (IDOR). He then invented a new cover, Total Health Management Model which maximized patient’s insurance premiums without wastage. His initiative helped insurance companies understand the illnesses that clients had from simple ones to the complex diseases.

Directors of hospitals, according to Jorge, are the people who bring in the quality aspect of healthcare facilities by setting goals for the workers. All departments; outpatient, ER, theaters, and wards need to be controlled with efficacy.

Regarding businesses, citizens need to be encouraged on investing. It will make the country rich and employment opportunities will be available.

More about Jorge Moll on LinkedIn and Crunchbase

Louis Chênevert’s UTC Journey of Success

Forward-thinking capability to pick out projects that had the ability in strengthening the UTC’s Company vision as well as motivating people to work at making the projects a success to the company was one of the remarkable superior quality of Louis Chenevert’s leadership style as the CEO of the UTC. This was among Chenevert’s guiding philosophies when he was the Chief Executive Officer of the UTC Company. This philosophy was apparently passed on to Gregory Hayes who succeeded Chenevert. He is the current CEO. Both Louis and Hayes have been expressing remarkable admiration for the companies that proofs for having a future by allocating sizeable quantities of their budget in acquiring equipment that is technologically superior and on the cutting edge.

It’s a testimony to the company’s leaders’ dedication and concern to their role of administrators of both the company’s resource and it’s vision and mission too. Investment in the future technology is the critical thing to the achievement of the modern companies. The worldwide business environment has become so vicious that any change that is capable of offering global corporation the least competitive benefit is worth giving it a trial. Nowadays, success is entirely dependent on modern technology.

Apart from the acquisition of Goodrich, whenever General Electrics and Roll-Royce declines an offer to the manufacturer a “second option engine” for the US Air Force, The UTC’s Pratt&Whitney unit won the lobby. It effectively became the only supplier for the F-35 engine for the United States government. All credit goes to Louis Chenevert.

The UTC’s Sikorsky unit stands to be the leading manufacturer of the US helicopters. The corporates lead the market for air conditioning, heating as well as refrigeration. In addition to this, some of the most superior jet engines in the globe are compiles by the UTC Company. Especially the Aerospace System Unit of UTC specializes in the manufacture of various equipment. This is inclusive flight controls, sensors, landing gears, brakes, and actuators not forgetting the marvel Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine. All this accomplishment has been under the visionary leadership of Louis Chenevert. All thanks for the great achievement of the UTC Company.