Why You Need To Follow These Three Investment Tips – Courtesy Of The Oxford Club

Alexander Green, certified financial advisor guru – really, his formal title at The Oxford Club is Chief Investment Strategist – recommends tons of advice to his employer’s members. Mr. Green has provided bookstores, long-running blogs on the Internet, newspapers, and Club newsletters with meaningful investment advice for some time.

Without his guidance, many members of The Oxford Club wouldn’t gain the insights they’re lead to on a regular basis.

Following are three simple, essential steps to garnering higher returns in 2018. They’re simple, but it’s true that too many “seasoned” investors overlook them, resulting in lower returns than what would otherwise be possible.

Hold Back More Dough For Retirement And Investments Alike

Research suggests that Americans don’t save nearly enough for retirement. It’s true that just about half of all United States citizens currently have less than $25,000 each. Gong through retirement like that is difficult. Why bother? Save now.

Passive Investing Is The Key

Investors that trade actively fork over tons of money to transaction fees. Buying financial instruments to hold will usually net better returns, and is much less stressful.

Balance It Out

Buy low, sell high – this sentiment holds true with your portfolio. Recently experienced great profits with a certain share? Consider selling it for a solid long-term growth stock that’s currently priced low.

The Oxford Club And Its Long-Running History

The Oxford Club is a publisher of recurring financial literature, its main course being its monthly newsletter for investing advice for the average investors.

There’a slo substantial sums of investment research that goes into its digital publication, which also includes recommendations for trades based on the latest current events and news headlines.

157,000 unique members effectively make The Oxford Club the largest private organization of its kind in the world. They come from all over – 131 countries, to be exact – to read the Baltimore-headquartered publication.

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