Securus Imagines the Future

Securus Technologies, the paramount provider of justice technology for correctional facilities, investigators, and public safety personnel, imagines a future where inmates can communicate with loved ones openly under supervision. Facility personnel stop the suspicious activity and resolve the situation immediately as a teaching lesson to inmates. Last, resources available to the outside are available here.


Specifically, what does this dream contain?

  • Faster access to quality healthcare
  • Allow Securus and personal cell phones inside Securus’ wireless service
  • Offer additional video calling
  • Provide phones with text and email access
  • Offer educational opportunities
  • Provide job opportunities for soon-to-be-released inmates
  • Offer communication access 24/7/365


By accessing the aforementioned at an affordable cost, our goal is to offer as much ease-of-use benefits and security measures as possible. We equally expect to reduce or eliminate recidivism and build a life outside of incarceration for inmates. The personnel at Securus Technologies are taking steps to make this peaceful dream a reality. Unfortunately, we still have a long time before we complete our goal, but we are proud to say we are close.


As always, Securus will offer updated technology to facilities, investigators, and criminal justice/civil justice/public safety personnel to stay ahead of wrongdoing inside and outside prison walls.