Daniel Taub: On His Own Terms

Daniel Taub was an ambassador for four years from Isreal to the United Kingdom. He was born in 1962. He made sure that during his time as an ambassador that his convictions were strong. During those four years, he has helped the countries of the United Kingdom and Isreal to come closer together. Now that he is getting ready to step down from his post he is going out on his own terms. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Daniel Taub shares some of the lessons he has learned over his career as an ambassador.

The first lesson that Daniel Taub learned on the job was to never look back. He has a great sense of satisfaction about the job he has done over these years. He says he could have done more but he set goals for himself that were achievable during his tenor. He helped create new information centers in Scotland and Wales. It is something for him to be proud of.

A second lesson that he has learned while being on the job is that you must read. He reads anything on a subject that he is engaged in. He has read many classic novels over four years and was able to discuss in detail how Israel is portrayed in English books. He talks about a novel in which the state of Isreal was declared ten years earlier and the repercussions of that action. The book was written by one of his predecessors named Yehuda Avner. this is a lesson he really enjoys doing.

A third and final lesson he has learned while on the job is to take advantage of talking to friends and adversaries alike. This helped Taub become the well-rounded man that he is. Being an ambassador to the United Kingdom has its advantages and he was able to talk to people that he found fascinating by inviting them to talk with him. He says though the most interesting conversations he has had over his tenure are those people who disagree with the state of Isreal. He came to understand the opposition much better while they, in turn, respected his position.

These are just a few of the things that Daniel Taub has learned over the years. He may have only been at his post a short time but these lessons will stay with him. That is the way he wants it to be.


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